Is it possible to keep the luggage after check-out?

We can keep the luggage after check-out with a charge. One piece is 500 yen.

Is it possible to send the luggage in advance by mail?

Please arrange it to arrive in your check-in day, during the business hours. Please contact us by e-mail in advance.

Luggage storage before and after check-in

It is possible during the front desk business hours.
Check-in time: from 16:00 to 22:00,
Front desk business hours: from 9:00 to 23:00.

Is there breakfast?

Currently May 12th , 2018 it is not offered,
※ It is a stay overnight without meals facility. We may offer breakfast for some group reservations.
There are many convenience stores and restaurants in the surroundings. ※ Since we had breakfast requests from customers who stayed last year, we are currently arranging to serve the breakfast again.

Do you have a coin laundry?

There is no laundry in Fuga, but there are several in the neighborhood.

Is it a dormitory?

In Fuga, all 40 rooms are private.

Do you have towels?

bath towel, toothbrush (per person), bath mat (1 piece), hand towel (1 piece), cup (the number of people). For customers who stay consecutive nights, please tell the reception if need additional towels. Shampoo, conditioner and body soap are installed in the shower room.

What is the front desk business hours?

Front desk business hours: 9:00 to 23:00
From 12:00 to 15:00 it could be absent due to the internal inspection.
Breakfast service provided time: 7:30 to 9:30
Check-in time: from 16:00 to 22:00.
※ If you will pass 22:00, please contact in advance.
※ If you will pass 23:00, please select advance payment in advance.
· Late night emergency From 23:00 to 7:00, night duty staff will respond in case of emergency. If you are not in a hurry, please contact us during business hours of the next day.

Is it common room with other people?

Basically all the rooms are private.

Is it possible to make group reservation? Is there a discount?

In Fuga, we offer a great plan for groups.
Please specify the number of people, the number of rooms, clear schedule, and contact us by e-mail. **.
In the past, we received groups from 10 to 100 people.